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Entrance Exam Programs

Vanquish your Anguish about the SAT and other Entrance Exams

Verbal Vanquish

Verbal Vanquish

Vanquish your anguish on the Verbal portion of the SAT, ACT, GRE, and similar entrance exams with Verbal Vanquish. This program really works! Students tutored by the author using the same techniques have averaged an increase of 70 points on the Critical Reading (formerly Verbal) portion of the SAT.

Users have found it works well for the ACT, GRE, PSAT, MCAT, TOEFL, LSAT,New York Regents, NTE, CLEP, and other similar tests because the lessons stress strategy, not boring drill.

Shareware. Available from many shareware sources. Works on any Windows version, 95 or higher. A Software of the Month Club Selection.

"This program really improves your entrance exam scores."

Software Research Institute

SAT Vanquish

Coming Soon! SAT Vanquish

SAT Vanquish includes Math Vanquish--the strategic program for vanquishing your anguish on the Math SAT's and similar entrance exams. Completely updated for the new SAT-I. (Includes strategies for the new Writing section).

Students tutored using the same strategies have increased their scores an average of 80 points on the Math SAT. These programs really work!

Due out the summer of 2006.

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SATCon -- The SAT Score Converter

Vanquish your anguish about your SAT scores!

The SAT Score Converter, SATCon for short, converts your Math and Critical Reading/Verbal SAT Scores between the old pre-1995 SAT scores and the new "recentered" SAT-I scores. Enter any score and find out what it would be in the "other" test. Updated for 1998.

Helpful for students, teachers, counselors, parents, and admissions officers. Includes PSAT and thorough Help file with brief history of the College Board and the SAT.

Free. Needs Windows 3.0 or higher. Look for SATCON20.ZIP for latest file for downloading. A Software of the Month Club Selection.

About Our Book List

English Language Plus carries a small number of books for purchase. Some of them are among the best to use for entrance exam preparation. They are books that are not normally available to the general public, but English Language Plus offers them to you. Take advantage of this opportunity and check out our
Book List.

What to Look For in an SAT Program or Book

Click on the link below to view or download a text file which tells you how to evaluate SAT and other entrance exam software. SAT2.TXT, readable on nearly all computers, was first uploaded a number of years ago to CompuServe. It is a summary from a carefully researched book about the SAT of what to look for in an SAT computer program. While some of the programs referred to are no longer available, the file still contains excellent guidelines. These guidelines apply just as well to books on the subject.

Power Vocabulary

This program, formerly known as Word-Part Dictionary is recommended in Verbal Vanquish. This is a commercial software program that was distributed as shareware at one time. The link below will connect you to the older shareware demo of
Word-Part Dictionary by Edicom Systems. The newer Windows version, called Power Vocabulary has many of the same features plus a game mode. Just bear in mind that the program has been revised for Windows and expanded as late as 1998. The demo will at least give you an idea of what the program is like.

A Note on ZIP Files

The downloaded versions of SATCon and Verbal Vanquish are in the ZIP File format.

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