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Books and Software Price List


Grammar Slammer Deluxe with Checkers (Windows only) $49 (US Dollars)
Grammar Slammer Deluxe $39 (US Dollars)
Grammar Slammer $25
SAT Vanquish $35
Verbal Vanquish $25
WinAlter $10
SATCon (copy only) $5
DialogJB and XASCII(copy only) $5
Power Vocabulary (recommended program by Edicom Systems) $25.00
Price includes e-mail shipping (we do not send software by email to hotmail and aol addresses)
Add $2 for shipping and handling (first class)
Add $3 for Canada and Mexico
Add $5 for other countries
Connecticut residents add 6% Sales Tax


(Books Shipped to USA only)

Scholastic Aptitude Vocabulary (book) $10.95
Understanding the SAT in 10 Easy Lessons (book) $9.95 $5.95
Add 1.50 for 1 item, 2.50 for two items, 3.00 for three or more items.
Master Card, Visa, and Discover/Novus Accepted.

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