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ZIP Files & Shareware

ZIP Files & Shareware

Zip Files

Most PC-Compatible files found on bulletin boards, online services, and the Internet are stored in Zip files. These are special files which have been compressed to take up less room in storage. They also act as containers for the many files a program may have. Such files always end in the suffix ZIP. For example, the Grammar Slammer file is called GRMSLM42.ZIP. Once you download such a file to your own hard drive or diskette, you must "Unzip" the file to separate the various components and expand them to their working size. "Unzipping" is done by using one of several Unzip programs. They can be found on bulletin boards, online services, or the Internet. Some are sold in computer stores and catalogs. See list below for links to some that we have had good experience with. PKUnzip, Netzip, and some of the others are shareware files (see below). If you continue to use one, you should register it.

Please note that nearly all files downloaded from this Web Site are Zip files. Once the files of Grammar Slammer, Verbal Vanquish, and WinAlter have been extracted, they require an additional installation step by running the Windows SETUP or INSTALL program.

If you have your Microsoft anti-spyware program on a high setting, it will not allow you to execute any program you have taken from a ZIP file.

Here is how to overcome that:

  1. Save the file onto your computer. If you have "unzipped" your files, then they have been saved whereever you directed them to be saved.
  2. Click Start, click My Computer, and navigate to the INSTALL or SETUP file that you saved.
  3. Right-click the file that you saved, and then click Properties.
  4. Click Unblock near the bottom of the dialog box.
Then you should be able to run the program.

If you use PKUnzip or PKUnzjr for DOS and forget the command line, simply type and enter the program name, PKUNZIP or PKUNZJR, and a short set of instructions will appear.

Unzip Utilities you may download. See below for definitions of shareware and bannerware.

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Shareware is a type of software marketing. Most files available on bulletin boards, online services, and the Internet are shareware. Shareware allows the user to try the program for a reasonable period of time (usually 12 to 30 days, sometimes unspecified). If the user finds that the program is useful, he or she must buy the program (or "register" the program) from the author or publisher. Usually registering includes some additional benefits or programs--at the least it discontinues the so-called "nag screens" which remind the user to buy the program. It also helps creative and small-niche programmers to continue writing programs which you would never find done by "Mammothsoft" corporations. Grammar Slammer, Verbal Vanquish, and WinAlter are shareware programs. Shareware is sometimes called "try before you buy" software.

Freeware is copyrighted software which is distributed free of charge by the author or publisher. Such programs tend to be smaller, more specialized, or are used to publicize other programs. While free of charge, you may have to pay a copying fee for a copy. Since they are copyrighted, you may not alter the programs except as instructed by the author or publisher. XASCII and DialogJB are freeware programs. The term Bannerware usually suggests there is some kind of advertising (i.e., "banner") in the program so that the program either is paid for by advertising or is used to promote other products. SATCon is a bannerware program - it promotes our other SAT programs.

The Association of Shareware Professionals (ASP) is an organization which assures the quality and sound business practices of its members--authors, publishers, bulletin boards, and vendors. The Educational Software Cooperative (ESC) is a similar organization oriented specifically towards educational software. Membership in one or both of these organizations insures quality merchandise and customer service. English Plus is proud to be a member of both organizations. English Plus does not sell what they do not use themselves.

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