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Grammar Slammer Deluxe
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Grammar Slammer
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A regularly updated feature with books reviews and questions about English grammar and language. This is supplemented by Gramamr Slammer Onine an easy-to-use online English grammar help site.
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    Grammar Slammer with Spelling and Grammar Checkers

    Grammar Slammer
    The most complete text editing package available. A complete grammar and spelling resource integrated with a grammar and spelling checker. (Windows 8.1 or lower only)
    All the features of Grammar Slammer Deluxe with a grammar and spelling checker that takes you to the help you need when you need it.
    "Grammar Slammer is a Windows help file that answers every single grammar dispute and question you might ever come up across. Constantly available at your fingertips, GS will let you know the difference between a noun and a gerund, how far a sentence has to run on before it's a run on, and even when a fragment makes sense...we think you really should try this thing out." -- Cool Tool
    Looking for an English grammar or editing program? Before spending more time or money, read our analysis on what grammar programs can and cannot do. Click here.

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Vanquish your anguish on the SAT, ACT, GRE, and similar tests...

Featuring Verbal Vanquish, SAT Vanquish (coming Soon), and SAT Score Converter. Verbal Vanquish consists of easy-to use lessons covering strategies for raising your scores on the SAT, GRE, ACT, and similar standardized entrance exams.

Nothing fancy, just an easy to use program sharing ideas that really work. Students tutored using similar lessons raised their scores an average of 70 points on the Critical Reading section and 80 points on the Math section of the SAT. The author also has served as an essay test reader for the College Board so his lessons on the new Writing section should be equally helpful.

Downloadable Demo for Windows 95 or higher contains 3 of 13 lessons.

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Grammar Slammer

Grammar Slammer Deluxe

Don't need grammar or spelling checkers? Just would like a quick place to go for the grammar and spelling questions that you do have? Try Grammar Slammer Deluxe.
Do you know the difference between lay and lie?
How many times do you see its confused with it's?
Now get the Grammar Slammer Deluxe option--to vanquish your anguish over spelling too!
Vanquish your anguish over grammar and grammar checker questions with this EASY add-on. Now for Windows and many other operating systems.

"Deserving of space on your hard drive" -- The Net Author Newsletter

Original Grammar Slammer

The original easy to use grammar solution. Complete grammar and writing resource using the easiest format for finding things quickly, the Windows Help File--or for non-Windows and PDA users, the Adobe Reader. What could be easier?

No bulky books or CD's, just a simple tool bar or icon and it's ready to go. Try Grammar Slammer for your grammar answers. Vanquish your language anguish!

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  • Contact English Plus. Be sure to include your e-mail address in the text of your letter for a prompt reply.

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