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Grammar Slammer
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Grammar Slammer

Now version 4.2 better than ever! More info and more detailed checkers!
Grammar Slammer with Checkers 4.2 Award    
Certifed Safe to Install by and

Don't need grammar or spelling checkers?

Grammar Slammer--Vanquish your anguish with the English Language! Pop-up grammar help which answers the questions that the grammar checkers can't. Easy to use Windows Help format. Register for Grammar Slammer Deluxe, which includes online spelling help! File size from 218K to 1014K.

While macros for specific full-featured word processors are available, most Windows users will find that the Windows 95/98/2000/NT/ME edition is the best to evaluate. The macros can call Grammar Slammer and Grammar Slammer Deluxe from within the specific programs using their macro languages; however, with the features now available in Windows, the need for most users to use the macros is not as great as in former times. For most users, the tool bar or tool tray icon is sufficient and more universal. If you would still like to use the macros, you may download a macro file from a link on the left.

Verbal Vanquish

Verbal Vanquish v. 3.4. Vanquish your anguish on the SAT and similar entrance exams. Proven strategies that really work. Downloadable demo gives you 3 of the 10 to 13 lessons. Registration can get you a similar program for Mathematics tests included in SAT Vanquish. Windows 95 or higher. File size 401K.

Grammar Slammer for Non-Windows OS.

Download a sample of Grammar Slammer for Non-Windows Operating Systems. This sample contains about 100 pages of the nearly 400 pages found in Grammar Slammer or the nearly 900 pages in Grammar Slammer Deluxe. It has all the reference information and most of the tools of the Windows version, but it does not have the tool bar or tray icon. It requires Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is available at no cost from the Adobe Acrobat Reader Download Site. PDA and Handheld devices in nearly all cases can use the same Grammar Slammer for Non-Windows OS. Early versions of Palm OS (through version 3.5) may need to use Grammar Slammer for Palm OS, which we have kept available as a "legacy" program. Adobe Reader is available for most handheld systems including Palm, WinCE, and Symbian.

SAT Score Converter

SATCon, the SAT score converter for Windows. Converts pre-1995 SAT and PSAT scores to new "recentered" scores and vice versa. You can make comparisons in a snap. Free. Updated for latest changes. File size 270K.

Obtaining Complete, Registered Copies Online

English Plus has a secure online order page to obtain complete, registered copies of our software. We also work with Share-It if you want a copy to be instantly downloaded.

Grammar Slammer Deluxe with Checkers Upgrade File

Download this file (gramslam.g1) to replace your current gramslam.g1 file if you ordered Grammar Slammer Deluxe with Checkers before 13 October 2003.


WinAlter alters date, time, and attributes of files without leaving Windows. File size 327K.


XASCII is a handy online help file that shows or describes what each of the 256 ASCII characters look like in most Windows programs, including Help files. Useful for anyone using text in Windows. Free. File size 24K.


DialogJB is Visual Basic for Windows code which give you a model for File dialog boxes. It does not use any VBX, OCX, or DLL, do it takes up less space, uses less memory, takes less time to execute, and you can customize your dialog boxes in whatever way you want. Free Visual Basic code. File size 22K.

English Plus Home Page Now has Grammar Slammer and XASCII Online!

Now you can use Grammar Slammer and XASCII online. Of course it is slower that owning your own copy, but it can give you a preview. Return to English Language Plus Home Page to see them.

Note on ZIP Files...

Most files you download will be in the .ZIP format. This is a common file format on the Internet. If you need more information on this format, click on the link below.

Other Files to Download

The English Plus web site contains some other files which might be of help or interest to our users. Word-Part Dictionary is an excellent word root program mentioned in Verbal Vanquish. The file to download is an old demo file. The program has been updated extensively and renamed Power Vocabulary since this one was made, but it will give you some idea of the contents. The SAT2.txt file is a simple text (ASCII) file originally posted to CompuServe which compared the relative merits of SAT programs at the time (1991). While the program information is clearly dated, the guidelines for selecting test review materials (both books and programs) are still very helpful. We also post the file SSCE5232.dll and SSCE5332.dll which some systems need to run the Grammar Slammer Deluxe with Checkers spell checker properly. Click on the link to download this file and then copy it to the folder with Grammar Slammer Deluxe with Checkers (gsextra.exe).

Our freeware, shareware and software do not contain adware or devices for collecting and/or transmitting any user information.

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